Redefining policy engagement in Europe.

With expertise in:

Intellectual Property, Technology, Innovation Policies

Public Health, Investment in Social Infrastructure

Sustainability, Green Cloud

Internet of Things, Open Standards

Cyber Security

Fair Competition

International Trade

Data Economy,
Cloud Computing


We excel at policy advocacy and creating innovative and impactful coalitions for change.


Our global team

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Francisco Mingorance


Francisco delivers pan-European stakeholders engagement and public affairs campaigns for leading technology firms.

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Tony Graziano

Senior Advisor

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Jennifer Brant

Senior Advisor

Jen has a unique talent for policy engagement and strategic advice, transforming complex issues into crisp analysis and recommendations.

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Carolina Rodriguez

Senior Advisor

Carolina brings deep insight into how to best design and communicate complex issues in simple ways.

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Ben Maynard

Senior Advisor

Ben transforms complex issues into powerful narratives that inform and persuade key stakeholders.

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Javier Arias

Javier brings an extensive pan-European network with politicians, regulators, and financial sector stakeholders.

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Dr. Lieve Fransen

Senior Advisor

Lieve brings strategic political insights from high-profile international and public health initiatives.


We work with clients to inform the regional and national trends that will shape Europe's future


We have worked with industry leaders such as: